2-ton wheel loader
·Equipped with YC6B125-T20 engine which conforms to state II emission standard and powerful,with 5-ton grade gearbox and high reliability.
·With long axle distance,high longitudinal stability for the whole loader;
·With optimized design for working devices,high breakout force of mobile arm,high fill factor of shovel and high prductivity.
·It has hydraulic control mechanism with patented technology,which is easily operated,with high reliability. Optimized and improved sealing structure of hydraulic pipe improves sealing reliability of the whole hydraulic system greatly.
·The cab is removable,adjustable and simple,which can adapt to different heights of mines.the bench group is stepped.the accelerator peadal is located in the front of the bench and the position of brake peadal lowers so as to keep the driver comfortable as far as possible.
·Headlamp holder is lower than front frame to avoid height limit when going into mines.headlamp is equipped with a protective cover which is made of round steel to prevent it from being damaged by any falling object.
·Special water processing equipment with functions of noise reduction,fire extinction and dust removal is provided.water storage tank which is full of water can be used by eht engine for 4 hours continuously.
·We can equip the catalytic prcessor in order tu filter the water-insoluble and poisonous gas completely.
Item Specifications
Overall working weight 6440kg
Rated bucket capacity 1.2m³
Rated load 2000kg
Max. breakout force 52kN
Max. discharging height 2510mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 5798×2140×2450mm
Max. traction force 56kN
Max. grade ability 30°
Dumping distance 920mm
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