3-ton wheel loader
·Standard equipment control hydraulic system, reduce the labor intensity of operators furthest.
·Higher engine hood and wider back make repair more convenient, optimizing the water tank system and increasing the effective radiating area.
·Adopt top grade shock and comfortable chairs to improve the comfort.
·Use 08 model 956 cab with wide vison,the air conditionling and heating systems are mounted outside thus resulting in harge operator room in the cab,another increase the function of blowing air and cleaning the frost in the front,then poerate more comfortable.
·Yuchai YC6B125-T20 engine .high power and torque reserve, low fuel consumption and noise,high reliability.
·The single-phase 4 elements hydraulic torque converter can make a good use of an engine and enlarge torque to make larger tractive force,with a planetary transmission of LG50,it is higher speed and longer in service life.
·The enforced driving axle of Lingong Brand is higher in loading power and reliability since it is the best in performance and technology.
·Pilot single handle manipulator, large-displace ment working pump; high lifting sppeed.excellent standartd Lingong double-sealed hydraulic adaptor, optimized design of connecting pipe,increase its reliability.
Item Specifications
Overall working weight 10700kg
Rated bucket capacity 1.8m³
Rated load 3t
Max. traction force ≥105kN
Max. breakout force ≥96kN
Max. grade ability 30°
Max. discharging height 2950mm
Dumping distance 1050mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 7100×2510×3170mm
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